Located in the fitness center we have recently added an 8 person sauna to the facility. A state of the art system constructed from Western Red Cedar, this sauna is a great tool added to the facility. Studies suggest that 15 minutes in a sauna provides physiological effects that would take 2 hours of rest to achieve. If an athlete can recover from a training session more rapidly, he or she can adapt more often within the same period than those who do not utilize such means. Saunas stimulate the release of growth hormone. Direct heat for 8-10 minutes relaxes muscles and improves local and general blood flow. Saunas reduce the likelihood of neurotic reactions, improve sleep, and normalize metabolic processes. This promotes the excretion of toxins (cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel, sodium, sulfuric acid, and cholesterol) through perspiration via the vasodilatation of sweat glands . If the toxins are not eliminated, fatigue lingers and therefore slows down the recovery process.